Embrace Your Innerwire

embrace your inner wire

Do you ever feel like you are not challenged enough and are bored?

I often feel this way! I was so glad to come across Emilie Wapnick’s Ted Talk on “Why Some Of Us Don’t Have One True Calling. ”

Emilie proposes a couple very interesting questions to think through. The one that resonated with me the most was, “What do you want to be when you grow up?” How many times have we been asked that question throughout our lives?!

We were taught that we should pick one career, and that is what we’d do for the rest of our life. However, when we are taught to pick one thing, it denies us of all our other passions and teaches us to accept a feeling of always being dissatisfied.

No wonder some of us have the feeling of not being challenged enough or always feeling bored! We mastered that one thing we originally set out to do and are continually asking, “What next?”

I think it is great to do something else totally unrelated to what you have been doing most of your life. I love to step into new things. I love design, business and the search for depth and meaning.

What are your other passions? It might be helpful to write them all out. You’ll likely notice how distinct and varied they are, but may be surprised with some interesting correlations between them. Be honest about them and consider ways of pursuing them more intentionally.

I encourage you to take the 15 minutes to watch Emilie’s talk and hear her amazing takeaway. Personally, I learned that whatever your passion, make sure to feed your soul with what inspires you and allow yourself to follow your curiosity wherever it may lead. Insist on embracing change.

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