Paperless Closings

Old Towne Title is proud to deliver paperless closings. Your clients now have the option to leave the closing table without hard copy documents. Instead, they access their digital closing files from a secure webpage. This webpage provides document storage and enrolls the home buyer/seller/homeowner in a marketing campaign that keeps you “Top of Mind” for years to come!! This complimentary service gives you email notification when your client is back in the market allowing you to capture them first!


  • 24/7-Secure access to closing documentation
  • Your contact information (name, picture, phone numbers, email, social media info, etc.) is on the dashboard of their webpage when they access it.
  • Drip marketing that keeps targeted real estate information in front of the consumer. You can simply share the message with Old Towne Title and it gets uploaded then emailed to your client quarterly, semi-annually, etc.
  • The 1st opportunity to follow up with your client and generate new business (referrals, listings, and refinances) for years to come.

In addition to paperless or “Going green” closings, your clients benefit from state-of-the-art security and disaster protection for their closing documents. The webpages are encrypted, password protected, and accessible 24-7 from the web by leveraging the power and reliability of Amazon’s AWS Cloud infrastructure. Amazon’s Cloud guarantees 99.99% uptime and makes it impossible for data to be lost or unavailable with built-in redundancy.

To assure your clients have the most current contact information on you, an online Dashboard you can update shows contact information and even add a photo is available. Each time you update your information, all of the clients you are assigned to are updated real time so they know how to contact you for new business opportunities.

Each time you do a closing with Old Towne Title you gain future opportunity to generate repeat business for years to come and set yourself apart from the rest. We are happy to serve the ever growing needs of the community!

**When ordering title, please supply all client’s email addresses for faster turn time in setting up their webpage!

Old Towne Title company has partnered with FortDox Links to provide you with paperless closing options. Learn more about this fantastic service here.


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