Helpful Business Tips for the New Year


As the New Year unfolds, I like to read articles that relate to my clients. I like to know what they are reading and also share things with them that could add value to their lives and businesses. I’m always reading self-help books, myself as well. I think it’s important to grow, and books and articles are an excellent way to gain wisdom, tips, inspiration, and knowledge from others’ lives and experiences.

Here are a few nuggets I’ve learned from articles I thought you also might find helpful in your business:

Things You Shouldn’t Say To Your Clients

One of my favorite tips from this article was about “Being Inflexible” – They tell you not to say ”You can only reach me during business hours.” Instead, say “You can reach me between (pick a range of hours YOU are happy with) but I am always on alert for my clients”. You don’t have to be on call 24 hours a day, but it’s important to set reasonable expectations with your clients.

Sins of Personal Branding 

Oh boy, there were several good tips and ideas in this article, but what stood out to me most was “You’re Not Being Authentic”. This is a fast explanation for me. Your brand is an extension of you, and it should be based on the qualities you’re known for among your sphere of influence. There is an enormous amount of confidence that comes with knowing that you are who you portray yourself to be and that you have the habits, inspiration, and knowledge to back it up.

To Use or Not to Use Emoji’s

It seems nowadays everyone uses emoji’s, and sometimes you forget that other people do not. You have to be careful because some won’t even know what they mean, creating the potential of miscommunication or appearing unprofessional. Emoji’s very well could strengthen your connection to your client depending on who they are, so are are a couple tips: Do not use them if the conversation is serious; never assume your clients like them, and if you are going to use emjoi’s make sure to use the right ones.

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