Stand Up For What You Believe In

We all know it’s true: Action speaks louder than words. Whether this relates to you in your career or home life, you’ve likely experienced this reality.

I personally had a challenge to overcome the first part of this year which really left me conflicted since {I felt} there were others who may have been impacted by my decision. After a lot of thought, speaking with family and my circle of influence, I decided to take the steps necessary to tackle the challenge head on and stop with the guilt and “what if this, what if that” mentality.

At the end of it all, it worked out and no-one seems to have been affected in many of the ways I made myself believe. In my reflection, it was liberating to stand up for what I believed to be the right thing to do. 

I even experienced a boost in my self confidence, my self image and respect of myself! The intense feeling of integrity by doing the right thing continues to overwhelm me.

We all make mistakes and tend to want to take the easier route out of the challenge, but to avert that and stay steady and strong is something I now treasure.

If you are in a situation in business and this story rings true, I encourage you not to respond to the fear, but to look it in the eye and take it down! The more you stand up for your beliefs, the less you will rely on others to validate them. Do not compromise, and do not give in. Seek support from colleagues and close family members you trust, resolve it appropriately, and I promise you will be unstoppable.

Regardless of what others think or feel, the only person who makes you who you are is yourself. Don’t lose yourself…embrace yourself.

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